What is Radio Aleph?

Radio Aleph is a podcast about politics and fiction. There are two episodes each month. The first consists of interviews with fiction writers conducted by Beatriz Rey. These discussions center on the relationships between the authors' works and political topics. The second features a conversation between Beatriz Rey and journalist João Villaverde about the intersections of politics and fiction. These episodes may focus on the books discussed earlier that month. 

Connecting fiction and politics should make both topics more appealing and accessible to listeners. While Latin American authors feature prominently, the podcast also interviews and discusses writers from other parts of the world. The podcast is recorded in Portuguese, Spanish, or English (based on the featured author) and is produced by Rafael de Angelis. 

What is this newsletter?

This newsletter complements the podcast of the same name. All subscribers receive a monthly newsletter with the highlights from the interview with the fiction writer featured in the podcast. Paid subscribers also receive an additional monthly newsletter in which Beatriz shares her notes on the fiction books she is reading for the podcast and how they relate to politics, life, love, death, and other topics. Please note that the second newsletter will be sent to all subscribers for the months of October, November, and December 2021. 

The newsletter is written in English and in Portuguese. Subscribe to get full access to the newsletter - every new edition goes directly to your inbox.

Who is Beatriz Rey?

I’m a political scientist and writer based in Washington, DC. You can find me at the SNF Agora Institute at Johns Hopkins University (as a Visiting Fellow) and at the U.S. House of Representatives (as a 2021-2022 APSA Congressional Fellow). I hold a Ph.D. in political science from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University and a M.A. in political science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

You can learn more about my work as a political scientist on my website. My policy commentary has appeared in many outlets, such as DW Brasil, ABC Australia, and AP News. I also have more than ten years of experience as a journalist covering politics, human rights, and other social issues. My work as a journalist has been featured in Brazilian news outlets, such as BBC Brasil and Globo.com.

Most importantly, I love fiction.